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Ideally, we usually have a meeting with the client to better understand the specific needs in detail. This gives us an opportunity to really get to know your brand before we start on any brainstorming or creative work. Once we understand this, we can then formulate a strong strategy to meet your project needs.

Of course you can. Our providers are top tier industry leaders in the game to give you a high quality secure service. Cloud hosting, website auditing, server side security and the lot. It's all taken care of.


Twiga is growing and the secret to our success is a no-brainer, its our team. We're constantly on the lookout for exceptionally talented graphic and web designers, developers, copy writers and advertising professionals who can seemlessly combine strategy and creative to work as one to produce results. Have a look at our careers section to see any new openings.

Simplicity and holistic thinking with a big picture mentality are some of the qualities we search for in applicants because after all, our products are not going to be used by robots. Are you a creative nerd who can delicately craft and build designs that enhance the user journey online, to ultimately evoke emotions and drive conversions?

To be brutally honest, we really aren't interested in the specifics of your areas of study - ok let's put it straight. Degrees are important, but what we value more is self drive, experience and genuine passion for digital. A good sense of humour could be a plus in case you failed to meet some prerequisites.


Nobody can guarantee page 1 organic Google search rankings apart from one brand, Google itself. Our SEO experts have worked on various projects to rank brands higher on search engines.

While we respect the fact that some clients might be under tight timelines to deliver projects, our best works take time and effort to come out polished. We are not one of those agencies who promise heaven on earth to win hearts, no. Therefore, depending on the nature of your project or campaign, we'll give you a realistic timeline we can work with to achieve desired results.

Absolute yes! As an advertising agency, we are your partners in facilitating your brand's digital ambitions. In order to realise your campaign or project business objectives, it takes a lot of discussions, collaborations and team work to get everything ticking. As much as we have the technical know-how, we need your input, comments and opinions on a lot of things.


If you have a look at the contact link, you will find our email address and physical address of our offices.


The only information we may have is the web browser you are using, machine operating system platform, language, device type, pages viewed, geographical location and general demographics data.

Nope! We only collect this information to give you a better digital experience while you are on our website. By knowing what devices(mobile, tablet or desktop) or web browsers our visitors are on, we're able to collect usable data for analytical purposes. We use this data solely for the purpose of monitoring web traffic, latest trends and delivering content that is personalised to the user.


Since November 2010, we've crafted brands, web apps & interactive advertising ideas for corporates, SMEs, non-profits, agencies and startups both within Australia and Kenya as well as overseas. Through experience we're building perfection so that our clients get services that comply with our quality standards as a creative agency.