Published: 30th March 2016

1000 Steps, Melbourne

1000 steps is a popular as well as challenging walk/hike up Dandenong Ranges in Upper Ferntree Gully in the South East of Melbourne. The 1000 steps are now commemorated to the Kokoda Trail (During World War II, the Kokoda Track was a field of action for Australian soldiers in Papua New Guinea).

We hoped down North Road heading towards Upper Ferntree Gully with a bunch of friends on a nice spring afternoon. One of my best mates had really been talking up the idea of going for a hike at 1000 steps and after a bit of convincing we decided to give it a shot.
First and foremost, let me set the record straight - gota admit I'm not much of a fitness fan, so this idea didn't sit well with me.

As we started the hike, there was this vibe of optimism and adventure amongst us and it was exciting times. There was all different groups of people; the young, elderly folks, running enthusiasts and all manner fitness junkies who would fly up the steps past us at high pace. The hike up was super taxing. I felt like my hamstrings and quads would just give in at some point but we kept pushing ourselves with the hope of getting to the top a step closer as we went uphill.

As we started the hike, there was this vibe of optimism and adventure amongst us and it was exciting times.

The fatigue was really killing me but every single time I got close to giving in, I would remind myself that fitness is key to staying in shape and leading a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, exercising also helps keep the immune system running in peak condition and keeps your metabolism raring to go. Fact of the matter is that isn't anything new; its pretty cliche stuff. But don't we all need a bit of a push at times? How many times in life do we give in to the pressures that may sorround us in any given situation?

As we got closer to the peak, there was a wee bit of hope and cheer that would kick in to give us that extra push. The air felt fresher and the views absolutely smashing! And finally after the last stony step, we got there. This hike challenge is just but a fractional glimpse of the physical challenge that the Australian soldiers had to endure during World War II in Papua New Guinea. At the end was a plaque with a list of brave humans who fought and lost their lives on the trail. Let's also remember the ANZAC soldiers who lost their lives in the battle field.

I found this walk quite inspirational, not only from a fitness perspective but also in our daily lives. I learnt that in life you have to perservere and break a sweat to get your reward. The world is facing new challenges in these very demanding times, but we have the answers to all these obstacles. We need to keep learning, work hard for everything good. Ancora Imparo!


Dylan Petrucci

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