Published: 30th Jan 2016

Climate change; playing my role

Climate change! Big word. Like myself we're probably all sick and tired of the rhetoric. We all hope to make a difference in a mega way, overnight, which really isn't the right approach here. Believe it or not the small initiatives like cycling to work count. Leave your car at home once a week and bus it. The environment benefits too, saves you a few bucks too - double win win!

Making a change starts with the me and you. Isn't it amazing how we all drive to work - all alone in our 5 seater automobiles? What's even more amazing is we're all aware of carpooling benefits but just can't be bothered. Cycling to work sounds like a myth to some - the few who think it's healthier and exciting than being stuck in traffic are "psychos". Ok. Get to the office. First thing - needlessly print a 20-page proposal. As if the file refused to be read in digital format. Ask youselfy this. Do we really need to print everything? No but really, do we?

"Dark green is my favorite color. It's the color of nature and the color of money and the color of moss!" Leonardo DiCaprio

It isn't that difficult for all of us to green up our act folks. Take public transport, cycle from point A to B, discard waste the right way, avoid printing unless you really really need to. Very simple stuff. It's possible to spend a day without throwing an empty tub of yoghurt out of your car window. Use the bin at home.


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