Meet our people

Our team consists of the most highly-skilled and focus driven individuals that the industry offers. Here's a round-up of some of the faces

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Dylan Petrucci

Creative Director

Dylan is the brains behind the strategies we employ to get desired results. He's worked in the so called "big agencies" and seen it all.

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Ben Wakhusama

Senior Developer

"Someone explain this to me: Dish washing liquid is made from real lemons whereas lemon juice is made from preservatives."

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Christian is our lead web designer. He loves playing futsal and soccer; generally anything that involves kicking a ball grabs his attention.

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Head of Humour

The moment you see him sticking his tongue out and looking innocent, he's probably hidden your shoe.

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Jason Tran

UI Developer

Actually, all that jQuery does is move the backgrounds relative to the position of the scrollbar. Without it, the backgrounds simply stay put and the user would never know they are missing out on the awesome!

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Graphic Designer

"Who touched my bloody dashboard? My After Effects dashboard guys, who?".

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