An independent multifunctional advertising agency that helps brands to succeed in the digital space. This is achieved by combining honest, emotional experiences, strategy, creative and ad tech to seamlessly work as one. We craft digital experiences that evolve the way people connect with brands across a multitude of platforms and industries. Our ideas empower businesses to engage consumers online.

Been there, done that. Since November 2010, we've created brands, web applications & creative advertising ideas for corporates, SMEs, non-profits, agencies and startups both within Australia and Kenya as well as overseas. Stunning web interfaces, digital strategy, social media marketing and everything in between.

Nov 2010

Over the last half a decade, we've been fortunate enough to work with brilliant clients across different industries.


As a results driven advertising agency, we combine creative and strategy to seemlessly work together as one.

Team work

Our expertise and creative nous is all down to our talented in-house team players who make up the Twiga family.

We aim higher than the rest and strive for perfection.

We help brands to establish a genuine connection with their target audience by creatively revealing their identity through thoughtful design and super funky ideas; all with one aim in mind - to increase awareness, enhance user engagement and overall digital experience. As an integrated digital agency, we make sure your brand stands out amongst the noise of competitors. Our creative process puts the customer at the centre of every project.


Digital Strategy

The web is evolving; more people, more businesses are getting online, more often. We tackle all manner of challenges that brands face in the digital space by bringing together critical thinking, strategy, creative and media all under one roof to work as one.



From brand identity, UI design, development to digital advertising, our work tells a story that evokes emotions to inspire action and drive conversions. In short, that means success for our clients. It's all about love and passion for brands + digital here.


Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten

We build interfaces and designs that capture imagination and establish a brand interaction with your audience. Twiga Digital is an integrated advertising agency that is all about high end creative work at competitive rates.

"For a business not to advertise is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but no one else does" - Stuart H. Britt

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